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Learning for Pleasure



From Automatic to Shift Driving

Learn all the need-to-know skills:

Simple, logical, easy-to-remember, exercises to develop the most highly effective driving techniques.

Develop the most effective driving skills, right from the start.

Total 270 Minutes

(3 X 90 Min sessions) in a Shifters training vehicle


Learning for Pleasure

High Performance

High Performance Courses

Propel your shifting skills to “track-ready” –  learn to drive a manual transmission at pro level.

Discover high performance driving secrets from past racing instructor and two-time winner of the Toronto Star , "Wheels Driver of the Year" contest, Warren Spagn to maximize your driving pleasure, on or off the track.

Total 6 hours

(3 X 2 hr-sessions) in a Shifters training vehicle


Learning for Pleasure

City Driving

Shifters LS-7500

Learn on  carefully chosen, quiet, residential or industrial streets in a clean, late-model, fully-insured, Shifters trainer-equipped vehicle.

450 minutes of one-on-one, private coaching with a personable and knowledgeable personal trainer using our minimal-intervention teaching methods to foster independent decision-making, right from the get go.

  • Gradually integrate all of the LS-04500 Introductory Course manual driving techniques into everyday, real-life, city traffic driving situations.
  • Learn strategic timing shortcuts that take advantage of “gear range overlaps” to avoid unnecessary shifts, and minimize vehicle wear and driver fatigue.
  • Learn tips to flow with traffic pace by preparing for traffic speed changes, well in advance.

Total 450 minutes

(5 X 90-sessions) in a Shifters training vehicle


Career Focused

  • Business/Professional Development for:
  • Auto Production/Quality Control
  • Transport and Delivery
  • Sales/Service Staff
  • Jockey/Shuttle Drivers
  • Valet Staff
  • Injured Workers
  • Truck Driver Training
  • Medical Staff

Flexible times

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Training, Validation, Assessment

    Need validation?

    Assure that employees can park customer's cars dent-free.

    Professional Development for:

  • Parking Lot Attendant
    - Park & Fly, Northern Valet
  • Hotel Valet Staff - hotel chains, casinos, restaurants
  • Auto Dealership Car Jockeys
  • Truck Driving Prep Course - Trucking schools, Independent truck operators
  • HR Managers, employees
  • Trucking school administrators + applicants into their transportation safety programs
  • WSIB case workers - rehab work
  • Parents hiring nannies

Flexible times

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Customize One-on-One Training

Private, one-on-one coaching with a personable, knowledgeable trainer using our minimal-intervention teaching methods. Learn and polish skills, specific to your car.

Single lessons

120 Minutes


(plus HST)


60 Minutes


(plus HST)


90 Minutes


(plus HST)


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