City Manual Shift Driving Course

Shifters LS-07500

Get ready to pick up your new stick shift vehicle or vacation rental and drive manual shift on busy city streets in as few as 5 manual driving lessons!

Learn all the need-to-know skills:

Drive a manual transmission stress-free with simple, logical, easy-to-remember, exercises to develop the most highly effective driving techniques.

Learn on carefully chosen, quiet, residential or industrial streets in a clean, late-model, fully-insured, Shifters trainer-equipped vehicle.

Enjoy 450 minutes of one-on-one, private coaching with a personable and knowledgeable personal trainer using our minimal-intervention teaching methods to foster independent decision-making, right from the get go.

Get the proper procedures…

Avoid 5 common mishaps:


  1. Run-away car: With routine start-up, and parking checklists.
  2. Rollbacks: Apply two hill-start methods and when to apply each one.
  3. Parking mishaps: Develop speed precision working for tight spaces.
  4. Tying up traffic: identify and avoid engine stalling before it
  5. Engine damage: Eliminate lugging and stalling once and for all.

Gain these 5 key benefits:

  1. Improved ride quality with smooth starts and shifts.
  2. Effortless corners due to smooth, timely downshifts.
  3. Shorter stopping distances in critical situations.
  4. Optimal useful clutch life – stretch it up to 400,000 km or more.
  5. Recognize faulty clutch symptoms to avoid costly repairs.

Practice shifting on busy city streets…

Gradually integrate all of the LS-04500 Introductory Course manual driving techniques into everyday, real-life, city traffic driving situations.

Learn strategic timing shortcuts that take advantage of “gear range overlaps” to avoid unnecessary shifts, and minimize vehicle wear and driver fatigue.

Learn tips to flow with traffic pace by preparing for traffic speed changes, well in advance.


Avoid 6 additional mishaps:

  1. Stranded in intersections: Clear amber lights with confidence.
  2. Rapid speed loss: Climb steep hills in full control of your speed.
  3. Mis-shifts:  with smoother, faster, effortless gear changes
  4. Driver task overload: Manage multiple more effectively
  5. Lagging: Flow in stop-and-go traffic with gas/clutch finesse
  6. Clutch burnout: Handle busy, steep hills without rolling back

Get these 6 additional key benefits:

  1. Stress-free decisions while managing multiple tasks,
  2. Worry-free stops and lstarts, on steep hills in busy traffic.
  3. Quicker, unwavering traffic light startups.
  4. Squeeze up to 400,000 km or more out of a clutch wear.
  5. Optimized engine and transmission life.
  6. Streamlined driver tasking to reduced driver distraction.


Total 450 minutes (5 X 90-sessions) in a Shifters training vehicle……………. $567.00

“But what a find.  Gentle, soft-spoken… Within five lessons my wife was comfortable in 18 lanes of traffic on the 401, starting on hills – and even correcting my bad habits” Iain MacMillan – Editor, Ski Canada


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About the author

Carlos Tomas

Carlos Tomas is President and Founder of Shifters, Canada's first manual transmission driving school. He has taught standard-shift with Young Drivers of Canada, worked with disabled drivers, and even instructed instructors. 

Known for his extreme patience, Carlos helps you how understand the clutch, gets you up-to-speed (all puns intended) quickly, and inspires, with  and an unmatched comfort level that puts you at ease from the start.

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