Driving for Business

Minimize the risk

Test driving skills before you assign a position that involves driving.

After-the-fact solutions are expensive.  Rehab, remedial retraining or reassignment of duties, dry up resources.

Avoid high crash-risk drivers upon hiring and you save on downtime, insurance costs, vehicle wear, and many other headaches.

Training for

Auto Production/Quality Control

Transport and Delivery

Sales/Service Staff

Jockey/Shuttle Drivers

Valet Staff

Injured Workers

Truck Driver Training

Medical Staff

Train and Upgrade Regularly


Choose the assessment that meets your needs

DCA: The Industry standard – scientifically calibrated results to measure the risk of crash, and susceptibility to both internal and external distractions in normal, everyday traffic conditions.

A highly effective tool to measure before-and-after driving skill comparisons.

Passenger Shuttle: measures applicants manual transmission vehicle handling, and road and traffic management skills, including defensive driving, in busy city traffic as well as freeways.

Vehicle Delivery: measures applicants manual transmission vehicle handling, and road and traffic management in busy city traffic as well as freeways. (condense these into 1)

Valet Parking: measures applicants manual transmission vehicle handling skills such as negotiating tight parking spaces, and entering and exiting narrow underground garages and passageways, where pedestrian traffic is dense.

Instructor at the wheel

Custom Programs also available


Preventative and remedial professional training assure you that your staff meet the job requirements in the shortest time span possible, so as to keep your fleet’s aggregate risk at it’s lowest.  


Some insurers now ask for verification that hired drivers’ skills are assessed and verified in writing, showing that the applicant has demonstrated sufficient skill to perform their specified job.  


There are also  jurisdictions where transferring your driver’s licence requires proof of ability to operate manual transmissions before an unrestricted licence is issued.



If You Need to Hire a Driver…

Whether entrusted to handle deliveries, customers’ cars, or shuttle the kids to soccer, your drivers represent you on the road, and your risk profile, therefore your liability exposure.

Traffic accidents account for roughly 40% of workplace deaths, you need to minimize the risk whenever you hire a driver.

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