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Can I brake without de-clutching?

photo of a foot on the clutch

Each gear has a range of speed that you can drive in. Keep in mind that gear ranges overlap each other. As long as you drive within this allowable speed range any modulations in speed are usually moderate enough not require a gear change, and therefore no need to depress the clutch. If your speed drops below…

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Why do I need to downshift when turning?

Need to Know

Since most turns are done at low speeds, your vehicle should be driven in the gear that corresponds with that speed—usually 2nd when not required to stop and 1st when you are. Taking a normal turn in too high a gear, say 3rd or 4th gear over-burdens the engine at too low RPM and over time…

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What engine RPM should I be shifting up at?


It depends on your vehicle and your power requirements at that moment. Each shift is a compromise between power and economy. Rev the engine to a higher rpm when more power is needed, such as when climbing steeper hills or when passing. Shift at lower rpm for better economy. In the past most experts would…

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