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Price list

Learn to Drive Price List

Price List Leisure Training Shifters LS-07500: City Driving Manual Shift Course 5 X 90-minute Sessions – 567.00 Shifters LS-04500 – Introductory Manual Shift Course 3 X 90-minute Sessions – 347.00 Single Sessions: SL-02000 – 120 minutes – 193.00 includes limited pick-up SL-01500 – 90 minutes -127.00 SL-01000 – 60 minutes – 89.00 SL-00500 – 30…

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Single Manual Shift Driving Lessons

hands on steering wheel

Take your lessons – pay-as-you-go Discover what skills you need to possess to drive stick shift and see them in action, correctly executed. Assess your own skill level to determine what you need to know to operate a stick shift competently and assess the approximate time frame you’ll require to reach your goal. Begin to…

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