The Sheer Joy

...of Driving a Stick Shift

Course Descriptions, Individual Lessons, and Fees

High Performance Course

High Performance Courses

Propel your shifting skills to “track-ready” -  learn to drive a manual transmission at pro level.

Discover high performance driving secrets from past racing instructor and two-time winner of the Toronto Star – Wheels Driver of the Year contest, Warren Spagn to maximize your driving pleasure, on or off the track.

Performance driving theory and know-how to deepen your understanding
  • Optimize vehicle performance with torque and horsepower curves
  • Match revs with mathematical precision using gear ratio charts
  • Determine the best shift points for power or economy
  • Utilize vehicle dynamics to enhance stability
Performance driving visual skills to increase your awareness
  • Avoid the most common visual-tracking errors that cause loss of control
  • Adopt mirror settings that optimize your field-of-vision coverage
  • Pick the most effective line through corners for more control
  • Anticipate potential accidents well before they develop
Performance driving car-control skills to improve handling
  • Heel-toe smooth downshifts with single and double-clutch methods
  • Recognize the various rev ranges by sound and by feel
  • Access power quickly with flawless power shifts
  • Minimize suspension roll when cornering


Package of 3 sessions, 2 hours each: 549.00

Transition Courses

From Automatic to Shift Driving

Learn all the need-to-know skills:

Drive a manual transmission stress-free with simple, logical, easy-to-remember, exercises to develop the most highly effective driving techniques.


Introductory Manual Shift Driving: Shifters LS-04500


Avoid 7 common mishaps:

  1. Restraint-device injuries: Make adjustments that reduce risks & optimize control.
  2. Target for theft: Secure your car properly when parking overnight, anywhere.
  3. The run-away car: Use precise start-up, shutdown, and parking protocols.
  4. Errand veering: Shift by feel, and address one of the root causes of lane wandering.
  5. Unexpected rollbacks: Learn two hill-start methods and when to apply each one.
  6. Parking mishaps: Have precision speed control when parking in tight spaces.
  7. Causing traffic tie-ups: Get out of a stall, or quickly restart if the engine stalls.

Gain these 7 key benefits:

  1. Improved ride quality through smoother starts
  2. Superior vehicle stability in adverse weather conditions with smoother shifts.
  3. Full control when turning with smooth, timely downshifts.
  4. Shorter stopping distances in critical situations.
  5. More confidence when stopping on a grade, knowing you won’t roll back.
  6. Optimal useful clutch life – stretch it up to 400,000 km or more.
  7. Fewer costly repairs …by recognizing faulty clutch symptoms in advance.


(3 X 90-sessions) in a Shifters training vehicle
Total 270 minutes: 347.00

City Manual Shift Driving: Shifters LS-7500

City Driving

All of the above Introductory Manual Shift Driving (LS-04500)  plus....

Learn on  carefully chosen, quiet, residential or industrial streets in a clean, late-model, fully-insured, Shifters trainer-equipped vehicle.

450 minutes of one-on-one, private coaching with a personable and knowledgeable personal trainer using our minimal-intervention teaching methods to foster independent decision-making, right from the get go.

Practice shifting on busy city streets…

Gradually integrate all of the LS-04500 Introductory Course manual driving techniques into everyday, real-life, city traffic driving situations.

Learn strategic timing shortcuts that take advantage of “gear range overlaps” to avoid unnecessary shifts, and minimize vehicle wear and driver fatigue.

Learn tips to flow with traffic pace by preparing for traffic speed changes, well in advance.

 Avoid 7 additional mishaps:

  • Stranded in busy intersections: Clear amber lights confidently, with ample time.
  • Rapid speed loss: Climb steep hills with steady assurance of controlled speed.
  • Sudden run-away car: Time gear changes cleverly when shifting on hills.
  • Mis-shifts:  Change gears faster and smoother while fully attentive to the road
  • Multi-task overload: Change lanes, gears, speed more effectively
  • Excessive lag: Develop more gas/clutch finesse to flow in bumper-to-bumper traffic
  • Clutch burn-out:  Handle steep hills without panic roll-back or delaying traffic.

Get these 6 additional key benefits:

  1. Stress-free decisions while managing multiple tasks at busy intersections,.
  2. Worry-free stops and launches, on any hill in busy traffic.
  3. Quicker, unwavering traffic light startups.
  4. Optimized clutch control so you can squeeze up to 400,000 km or more out of it.
  5. Longer-lasting vehicles with reduced engine and transmission wear-and-tear.
  6. Reduced driver distractions due to redundant driver tasking.


(5 X 90-sessions) in a Shifters training vehicle
Total 450 minutes :567.00


Single Lessons

Single Lessons

Begin to drive a stick shift stress-free with simple, logical, easy-to-remember exercises to develop the most effective driving skills, right from the start. Private, one-on-one coaching with a personable, knowledgeable trainer using our minimal-intervention teaching methods.




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