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Biz Oriented

Business Owners & Careers:
  • Validations: WSIB, Valet, Car Jockeys
  • DCA Driving Assessment
  • Truck Driver Training

Leisure Driving

Three Options:
  • Advanced: High Performance
  • Transitioning: From automatic to stick
  • Single Lessons

What our Clients Say:

Bill Taylor photo

"Carlos Tomas doesn’t run just any driving school…. The man knows what he’s talking about"

 Bill Taylor, Toronto Star


"I’m a car writer who wasn’t qualified to drive the hottest cars on the market. … A few stalls and some herky jerky, coffee-spilling gear changes later and I was comfortably shifting gears like any other car writer. With thanks to Shifters."

- Allan Britnell, Freelance Auto Writer


"Amply qualified and personable … all the attributes of a perfect instructor: informative, kind and infinitely patient, with a sense of humor as well"

- Tracy Tyler, Toronto Star 


"What a difference! By the third lesson I was really learning… Whatever it is, it works"

- Nicole Robert – stage actor (Mamma Mia)




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