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The Toronto Star: Identity Threat and Act to Avoid Road Mishaps

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By Carlos Tomas Special to The Star Nine out of 10 accidents happen to so-called “average drivers” when they fail to identify a situation’s accident potential or respond to it correctly. Now, thanks to the accident-proofing techniques employed by expert drivers from around the world almost anyone can drive safely, efficiently and accident-free. Another bonus…

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The Toronto Star: This School Gives ’em the Gears

This school gives ‘em the gears By Linda A. Fox Call it a “driving” ambition but I’ve always wanted to walk into an upscale dealership and take a snappy, imported sports car for a spin. A few days ago, I finally did it. Top down; wind in my hair. A dream come true. What prevented…

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The Toronto Star: Drive Smart, Drive Green

Means and Ends Jody Ness Ease up and take pressure off you and environment. My 13-year old friend, Sarah loves to roller-blade she is also far ahead of me when it comes to environmental issues. Recently she questioned whether my test-driving cars all the time wasn’t potentially an eco-problem. Add to this the growing concern,…

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The Toronto Star: Wheels Feature: Manual Gearbox Requires a Shift in Attitude

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By ASHANTE INFANTRY, Star reporter. Why did a breeze assignment turn into `What I Did This Summer?’ Sure, I never aced roller blading, but I’m not completely uncoordinated and my instructor wasn’t to blame. Carlos Tomas of Shifters Driving School is a skilled, unflappable guide who purports to teach licensed drivers to master the gearshift in…

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