Manual Driving Lessons

No matter how much money you spend when buying a car the true joy comes from driving it skillfully and confidently.

Regardless of your past experience driving stick shift our experts will guide you through ...

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Why Learn To Drive A Stick Shift

Even if you don’t ever plan to own one there are several valid reasons to learn to drive a stick shift besides avoiding inconvenience or embarrassment. Being prepared, you could help save a life.

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Why Drive A Manual Transmission Vehicle

When buying a car one of your decisions involves choosing between an automatic or a manual transmission. Here are just a few reasons why some motorists prefer to drive a manual transmission.

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About Shifters

Carlos Tomas, president of Canada’s first school exclusively devoted to teaching manual shift driving, isn’t just your run-of-the-mill driving instructor. He’s had extensive racetrack and skid pad experience and has taught at George Brown College, Ontario Safety League and Young Drivers of Canada. In addition, he designed and judged the on-road segment of the Wheels/Bridgestone Ontario Driver of the Year Challenge, a high-profile driving contest held between 1990 and 1995 organized by The Toronto Star.

Since 1987, the year he founded Shifters, thousands have grown to appreciate Tomas’ school for what it is—truly unique. Many have literally come from all over the globe to receive instruction.

Why? Well, as one satisfied student put it:
“I never thought learning to drive shift could be so easy!”



“Thanks for not making it scary.” “Having a calm instructor makes a huge difference. Thanks Shifters!”

“I learned a lot more than I had expected. Now I realize that most people don’t really know how to drive a manual transmission.”

“I’m so glad I bought a standard and learned to do it. I was really afraid of it before taking Shifters.”

“I’m glad I did it. It’s always good to know how to drive standard, just in case.”

“It’s a whole lot different than trying to learn from your husband. You guys actually explain how things work!”

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